Seoul Fashion Week SS18 – High fashion bathrobes, little kids with more swag than the general population, and Kpop band Big Bang..

This has been such a delayed post, but so necessary.  I recently attended Seoul Fashion Week SS18 sponsored by Hera Cosmetics and basically the main competition was all the kiddies that came with their camera toting parentals.  I’m really not surprised that these minis had more style than about 90% of the attendees of the […]

Winter is coming.. but it’s still bikini weather in Dubrovnik, Croatia and why you need to visit before it becomes impossible… Europe Part III

I’ve decided I’m going to start a petition because I’m in denial that summer is going to be over any time soon.  I’m fairly positive that I’m solar powered by the sun, so this is detrimental to my health.  Let’s save summer… who’s with me?! Fresh off the next summer vacation spot of Dubrovnik, Croatia! […]