About the Influencer


With a background as a fashion model, actress, television host, contributor for various magazines, and modern day influencer, her newly launched blog “aloha brigitte” has created quite a following. After roaming the globe her entire life, with home bases in Honolulu, Hawaii and San Diego, California, she craved more adventure, so she packed up her bags and moved to the Far East to Seoul, South Korea.

A full time professional with an Accounting education, she uses her creative side as a channel to dream boldly and appreciate beauty in all forms, whether that be in fashion, (time) travel, home décor, self-curated recipes, or fitness; turning her into a full-fledged work horse.

Her overall sartorial style of dark colors with the occasional pop of color, give her style edits a mix of casually chic. Perfect for everyday wear, that you don’t even have to change from day to night while living in the fourth top metropolitan city in the world. However, dressing up is also her forte.

Ambitiously incorporating health and fitness in her regular routine, she has a regime of running half marathons across the United States and now Asia.

This blog is the birthplace of a girl living abroad who wanted more in life than even she could have ever imagined.

Aloha Brigitte welcomes all collaborative opportunities aligning with the overall brand. Please feel free to reach out via the contact page here.

You can follow along with her daily randomness, Korea adventures, and obsession with her dog Coconut on Instagram at @brigittepatton