Blush wedding vibes for a Mexican destination wedding.. and shots! shots! Part II

If you have ever planned a wedding, you know the kind of insane decision making that goes into every single detail.  Everything that you see at a wedding, most likely, the Bride (and possibly a team of help), made a conscious decision to have something look, taste, or sound a certain way.. Ever since planning my own wedding, I have nothing but respect for brides who take diligence in all the details for their grand day..  I spent many hours on DIY crafts and picking out old vintage books to decorate and sprinkle around the venue following my carefully picked color palette.  So when I see the kind of detail another bride puts into her wedding, I feel like my eyes can’t stop darting around taking it all in as well as give the nod of understanding to the beauty who helped put everything together for her guests..  “I get what you did, and I’m here to tell you I appreciate the tiny little bows you spent hours tying on each take away gift”.

{cocktail parties and pom poms}

A couple days before the wedding, the bride and groom hosted a welcome dinner at dusk.  Everything took place at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya which made it so convenient for all of us staying there.. no taxis, shuttles, extra coordination.  She had cute sunglasses emblazed with their names and a carefully curated strawberry cocktail.. cute little tassels made for center pieces on each table.. so on brand.. and more tequila shots to end the night..




{beachside weddings with romantic flair}

The wedding was in short.. beautiful..  but I don’t want to be stingy with the details.. the bride paid so much attention to everything and kept things under wraps until the day of.. I can totally understand this.. you spend months, maybe years, creating your wedding day concept that you want to keep it a surprise.. respect… so much respect.. add the fact this was a destination wedding, makes it level 10 on the bride scale of challenges.  Any former bride can attest to the hours upon hours of carefully selecting her own colors, ambiance, DJ set list, decor, and guest rules.. yes there are rules… everything… When you make the transition to bride, you sort of become a part of this unofficial club of brides who went the extra mile.. maybe even realizing the mistakes you made as a wedding guest yourself!  Let me know if I should make a list of do’s and don’t’s of attending a wedding?!








Can you guess which one is mine in the above pic… (monkey covering his eyes emoji)…

{curated color scheme}

Blush and neutral tones were the pantone shades and maracas for take away gifts – which we shook to get the new Mr. and Mrs. to kiss.  The bride had everyone in attendance (only 40 invited guests) wear attire within the pre-selected colors.. and this was so beyond brilliant, because the pictures were stunning..  The bride and groom were gorgeous and seriously make one of the most beautiful couples ever.  Lots of pictures, shots of tequila, and a playlist to make us dance.  When the couple selects an N’Sync song for their first dance, you know you made the right choice in attending the wedding.. and your friendship for that matter..



For details on the resort and things to do in the nearby vicinity, view my previous post here.. super helpful for future brides planning a wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya..

If you want to stalk all our Instagram photos, search the hashtag #loveisabeach2017.. I apologize in advance for any randomness you may stumble across.. I mean, we were in Mexico..