Chanel: Mademoiselle Privé.. Seoul, South Korea

Je m’appelle Brigitte.. and I’m obsessed with all things Chanel. Mademoiselle Privé, an exhibit currently in Seoul, Korea, showcasing the beginnings of what is now the Chanel mega fashion house.  The first Mademoiselle Privé was held in London in 2015.. With humble beginnings starting in Deauville, France, Gabrielle Chanel started something she herself probably didn’t know would outlast the test of fashion time, which can be quite brutal.

The location is a little tricky since it’s in between two subways, so taking a cab was easiest to the D Museum  which is located in Hannam-dong. Upon arrival, a massive sign greets you, letting you know you’re in the place you need to be. I could barely contain my excitement. After visiting the Louis Vuitton exhibit a couple weeks back, I had high expectations for Chanel. After checking in, you enter these multi-colored windowed doors and floors that lead to the iridescent coromandel screens that were so loved by Gabrielle. She apparently took her screens everywhere with her.




{gabrielle chanel}

The first room was a black and white cartoon mock-up of the original Gabrielle Chanel boutique in France. The mirror showed a woman putting on pearls and another walking down the stairs.. all very interactive with projections. I didn’t know it at the time that it was a replication of her first store, otherwise, I probably would have spent more time in there. It was the first stop, and I wanted to see more!

Next was a hall filled with all things Chanel. From her favorite numbers, to artwork of her infamous jackets, to totems representing her brand. They had sheets of catalogue papers you could rip out as souvenirs explaining each totem and how it was special..




{chanel no. 5}

You can’t think of Chanel without thinking of the floral fragrance. It felt like you were walking aboard a spaceship.. there were these gold pipe contraptions with beakers for the ingredients that are used to curate the brand’s most renowned scent – some mad scientist vibes here for sure. Each specific smell was separated so you could breathe in each on its own.. my favorite was May Rose and I really want that bottled up just for me.  I’m on the hunt to get a bottle for myself with a new found respect for the brand.




{luxury fabrics}

Onto the next.. hanging fabrics from ceiling to floor created a maze of luxurious (read: Chanel) fabrics.. Between the sheets there were little moving silhouettes of a woman creating a piece of fashion history with some old french music that seemed like a daydream..  Every few steps there were more silhouettes and they were mesmerizing.



Leading up to the next floor we had to walk through these stairs that had fabric on the wall with etches and french words that looked like a giant pattern to create something beautiful.. all I know is I wanted to write in cursive french words on my own walls because it looked that pretty.. At the top of the stairs was the iconic white camellia flower.. NEED!



{augmented reality}

We reached the hall of couture.. a studio door with the word “mademoiselle” hung on a canvas and we were told that it was augmented reality.  With the app we had to download in order to even make a reservation, had a camera function that when holding up to the door, would reveal Ms. Chanel in her element of design..



{couture and the 17 muses}

The dresses on display were as if sent by fashionista aliens who love black.. lights came down the center of the dresses holding them up with a beam of light.. I wanted one of each because you never know when you need a couture gown.. but I obviously need it for a casual Tuesday.  I wouldn’t normally give a play by play of an exhibit, but this is Chanel, and it’s well deserved and I’m just here trying to give the people what they want.  Further into the room, were faces that have worked with the brand, hanging on screens that would rise and fall to let you into the next section.  I’m talking HUGE screens that stretched floor to victorian-esque ceiling heights.  Memorable faces like Keira Knightly and Kristen Stewart spanning 9 feet tall..





{diamonds are your best friend and so is karl lagerfeld.. well I wish}

A mini theater room played the Karl Lagerfeld short film “Once Upon a Time” starring Ms. Knightly.  It’s only about 18 minutes long so I reallllllyyyyy think you should watch it.  It’s gorgeously done and has actually been out for a few years.. but like Chanel, timeless.

What’s best after fashion?  Diamonds.. So many cases full of diamonds and I wanted them all.  The sparkles were just so sparkly and my eyes were saucers.. SOMEONE pahhleease buy one of those necklaces for me!! Can I get a collaboration out there with Chanel?  This is a call for help..




{french lessons}

As if the exhibit wasn’t already fabulous, Mademoiselle Privé upped the ante and offered workshops highlighting the craftsmanships of the House.  The day I went to observe the class, they were revealing the gouache-drawing technique for their high jewelry.  The classes were given in French and translated to Korean.  I just sat wide-eyed.. yup.




To book a reservation to attend the event (the only way to get the invitation) you have to download the app available for android and iPhones.  The exhibit officially started on June 23, 2017 and runs through July 19, 2017. So if you are interested, you have t-minus 5 days!



If you survived reading this entry, I congratulate you.. I couldn’t leave out any shimmery details.. nor the fact I got a complimentary tote after the exhibit. Gahhhhh, thanks Chanel.  Here’s a video after we finished with the exhibit having brunch.. @instahusband21 makes a cameo and it’s not ok.. (I will cut you).



{outfit details}

Bag: Vintage Chanel

Bodysuit: The Butik (similar)

Shorts: Urban Outfitters (similar)

Boots: Zara (similar)

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