Sea Spa Hawaii, a spa in the most bougie of ways in Honolulu..

Sometimes I just want to feel super bougie when I’m on vacation, even if it’s technically a work trip.  I’m currently in Hawaii, where I used to live on Oahu and it feels so good to be home.  An entrepreneurial friend of mine has opened a spa that I guarantee you’ve never been on called Sea Spa Hawaii.  If you want to feel like you’ve slipped away on a mini staycation or just some quality “me” time, Sea Spa needs to be in your near future.  It’s a spa on the ocean!!  I mean, how is this not already a thing?!  How is this the first time I’ve ever done this?

{first impressions}

I boarded the Vida Mia, which by the way has an impressive history which used to cater to the Kennedy’s; This little yacht is quite the beauty and pristinely maintained.  Jessica Jung, co-founder of Sea Spa, greeted me with a fabulous little purple lei and gave a history lesson of the yacht along with a tour.  Another beauty brain behind the operation is co-founder Mackenzie Farley.. these two powerhouses combined are making waves (see what I did there?).  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I was completely into it.



The main deck has two massage beds which is super perfect for couples massages, mother-daughter hangouts, bachelorette parties, anything you can possibly imagine where it involves getting those tense little shoulders rubbed.  Everything was so perfect, from the displayed Malie Organics and Leahlani skincare products to the overall appearance of the yacht.. literally a floating spa.





{what to expect}

For the three hour excursion (which doesn’t feel that long because you’re too busy getting spoiled), you choose two spa services.  This takes place on the main deck while the yacht is still docked (because trying to relax on a rocky moving boat would be a little difficult).  For my first relaxation station, I went with the “Queen Liliuokalani Massage” which is designed for brides, mermaids, and queens in mind (ummmm, that’s me and all my readers out there).  The massage paid attention to all the necessary areas to include the buttocks, which let me tell you, you don’t realize you need attention to (especially after I had hiked Kokohead the day before), till the masseuse worked her magic.  Those were the quickest 60 minutes ever.. The smells were all Hawaiian inspired too, I picked out the Malie Organics mango nectar body oil because smelling like citrus is an instant vacation booster.

After they strategically helped me get my white robe on, they showed me to the next treatment, the “Koena Olu’olu”.  Jessica recommended this service because I had an event to go to after my spa escape and didn’t want to mess up the makeup.  This is a reflexology treatment for the head, neck, and shoulders focusing on pressure points for 55 minutes.  I can’t explain how amazing it is to have someone else scratch your head.  It’s so luxurious to have someone focusing on all the pressure points you don’t even realize you need tending to.  This service took place in the lower deck that also had side by side beds if you brought a friend or significant other.  Talk about romantic.  The tradewinds and pikake smells were intoxicating that you felt like you were officially on vacation and away from the bustle of Waikiki.




I’m always on the go when in Hawaii.  It’s not always tanning and sipping lava flows when I’m here (although I try to make as much time for it as possible).  I wanted to write this up while it was still fresh in my mind while under the warm Hawaiian sun wishing I were back on the Vida Mia.  For the final hour, the yacht started up with the crew and we left the Ala Wai Boat Harbor and took off toward Diamond Head.  I got to hangout in my robe for the duration of the trip, but some may opt to change for cute pictures.  Ummm, pictures in a robe with Diamond Head in the background while sipping champagne was what I wanted and that’s when I FINALLY felt like I was on vacation after a hard week of work, waking up early and dealing with jet lag.  Dedicating a few hours after work to this experience was so worth it and what I needed to close out the week.  I went on their Thursday sunset timeslot, but they also have Thursday afternoon and Sunday sunsets available.

What’s also incredibly nice, is it doesn’t get crowded because they only have availability for 6 guests at a time for the various services.  If you have a specific request and need to incorporate more people, Sea Spa can work with your personalized wishes.  Seeing Diamond Head with the sun shining down and staring at the Waikiki skyline is already a highlight of my trip so far.  Jessica knows how to make a unicorn feel welcomed and handed me champagne after I was finished with the services.  She quickly put together a pupu (read: appetizer/light dinner) menu which included panini sandwiches with various meats and cheeses, a tropical fruit platter that was incredibly instagram worthy, quinoa salad, and vanilla flavored macarons!  If you know me, this was basically my version of Heaven.




{pricing situation}

The Sea Spa Hawaii prices are super affordable, and if you mention “Brigitte’s friend” in the notes section when booking on the website, you can snag a $50 discount for August on her already discounted prices (she will deduct manually for you).  If you are military or Kama’aina (read: local), before the discount is $295 and for all others is $395.  The personalized spa services themselves in a luxury hotel would retail for more than that and won’t include sunsets with champs, so do yourself a favor and book an excursion on Sea Spa, the ONLY spa experience on board a yacht in Hawaii!  Be sure to comment below or on IG and let me know if you reserved a spot.. I want to hear about your experience!

Sending you all aloha vibes from Hawaii.  I’ll be posting a recap of my trip later so stay tuned or get sneak peeks on my Instagram!  Use the hashtag #BrigittexHawaii for all my Hawaii related travels.

4 thoughts on “Sea Spa Hawaii, a spa in the most bougie of ways in Honolulu..

  1. I couldn’t believe my luck when I noticed you were spending time in Oahu for a few weeks! And I am very appreciative that you came to Sea Spa! I had a wonderful time with you. This post is lovely and so full of detail.
    I am all about the bougie experience and making it just as excellent for everyone who boards Vida Mia to enjoy our amazing Sea Spa!
    Please move back to Oahu someday Brigitte! Everyone obviously misses you and loves to see you when you come to visit.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you again for having me beauty! I want to scream at the top of my lungs how I felt like such a princess aboard the Vida Mia. You really were the most excellent of hosts and I can’t wait for all the good to come to you guys. I’m so glad it worked out and we got to reconnect and I was able to first hand experience Sea Spa Hawaii! Really thinking of one day moving back to Hawaii.. I miss you all there.. love and aloha!

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