Italy in Korea and a Michelin Star Rated Chef… Fashion and Food

Seoul is full of Korean BBQ and kimchi dreams.. what is surprising is the huge Italian community and authentic pasta that is also located on the peninsula..  I was invited to the opening ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Seoul for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ITCCK) for their month long tribute to highlighting dishes from the various regions throughout the boot shaped country.  If you remember, Chris (aka @instahusband21) and I traveled through Europe over the summer and one of our stops was Rome, Italy.  It was such a nice treat for my palette to experience the authentic spices and al dente pasta without having to make the 15+ hour trek to Italy right here in Seoul, Korea!

There were 11 tasting stations for the beginning of the Italian Food Festival which has already begun and ends on May 31st.  Each restaurant features a dish unique to their region in Italy.. I came hungry and ready to let my taste buds go nuts..


{the italian players; warning might make you hungry}


1.  One of my personal favorites was Eataly with their tomato soup with mozzarella mousse..  I had been wanting to make it out to their location in Seongnam for some time, so I was ecstatic to taste their featured dish.. and let me tell you, I was so in love.. I’ll be adding it to my weekend list of places to visit for a full meal.


2.  Another winner for me was Ristorante EO.. They’re the only Italian Michelin star rated restaurant and I’m pretty sure I found a new love in Chef Eo Yun-gwo, whose culinary skills originate in Milan.  His dish, didn’t have any pasta, which is perfect for those trying to stay gluten conscious.  Presenting the beef sirloin with aromatic herbed pesto sauce.



3.  Picking my favorite italian dishes is like picking my favorite macaron.. it’s so difficult and they’re all colorful and tasty in different ways.  But another personal favorite from the tasting was Kitchen 485.  Their Tagliatelle with Classic Bolognese Ragu had me singing on the inside.


More amazing dishes follow… Like I said, it’s like picking my favorite macaron, but I tried to pick my top 3 and that was extremely difficult.  I have my work cut out for me to go to all these restaurants so I can carb up whenever my heart desires.. (in no particular order – also, sorry in advance for my non-manicured fingers.. it’s been a busy month).


4. Vera – Fussili Lunghi Ai Frutti Di Mare


5. Il Chiasso – (can’t remember the name, but it was a type of spaghetti)


6. Cornerstone Park Hyatt Seoul – Truffle Veal Tatare


7. Atrio Conrad Seoul – Stockfish Tortello


8. Pizza Muzzo & Section A – (the insides of the pastry had a coconut taste, but no coconut – also, the flower topping had all my blogger feels coming out)



9. Brera – Lagane Con Ricotta – we actually frequent Brera quite a bit because the meals are delicious and Gio, the owner, takes great pride in his dishes.  I heard through the grapevine he imports italian water to make his cappuccinos.


10.  Harmonium – Fregula Di Mare


11.  Allatorre – Bread Croutons with Chicken Liver Pate and Norcia Black Truffles


The opening ceremony for the ITCCK was major success and I left with a happy full tummy.  I can’t wait to try all these places and look at their full menus here in Seoul, Korea.  Now you can’t say you can’t find great italian food in Korea.. because they’re out there.. just add red wine..



I can’t help but highlight my personal style for the event and channeled my summer Italy vibes.. Always dressing for the occasion..





Honestly, food and fashion go hand in hand in Italy and the same can be said for Italy in Seoul!!

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